Is a Hybrid Event Right for You?


Author: Victoria Staszewski
Marketing Director

Hybrid Event Production in Jacksonville

Best of both live and virtual event production

Some people assume that hybrid events are simply created by tacking a virtual component onto in-person events. However, sticking to this minimal approach would cause the virtual piece to fall flat.

When offering only a live stream of an in-person event, the at-home audience is simply viewing a camera feed of the event that is happening live. There is no interaction with that audience and no added element for them.

A true hybrid event is where the at-home audience is receiving a separate feed of the event which could include graphics, lower thirds, or unique content such as personalized interviews that the in-person audience will not see. Compared to live-streaming, there is a much higher level of engagement with the at-home audience, making them feel a part of the event.

Hybrid Events Require Two Separate Programs

Proper planning of a hybrid meeting requires approaching it as two separate programs, one for the in-person audience and another for the audience at home. Many details of the event, like technology, are nearly doubled in planning.

For this reason, hybrid events naturally cost more than in-person or virtual events alone. That said, the benefits greatly outweigh that additional cost.

The top benefits of hosting a hybrid event are the fact that hybrid events give people two different ways to attend and can therefore potentially double your audience and also greatly increasing the potential of saving money by cutting down on the amount of food and beverage needed, along with cutting the costs of having to possibly pay for guest’s hotel and travel accommodations.

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Add Value & Increase Engagement

The most important element to remember is making sure to create valuable content for your at-home audience. Providing things such as exclusive interviews with guest speakers, short videos from sponsors, or sending a box of goodies that go along with the event’s theme. These are all ways to make your at-home audience members feel included and valuable.

Additionally, hybrid components can allow for new markets or audiences to have access to your events’ networking sessions and/or breakout groups which can potentially lead to greater employee retention, relationship building, and brand awareness.

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Four Common Challenges Of Hybrid Events

Hybrid meetings are most likely here to stay, and they do come with some challenges. The 4 most common challenges of hybrid events are lack of experience, fear of failure, concern about the potential for low attendance, and technology learning curve.

Here at Sight & Sound Productions, we take a lot of these challenges from you and make them obsolete. We help analyze the hybrid platform which is best for your intended use, help find a destination and venue that complements your event and help with planning and managing the event through the event showcase. We have the experience and technology to ensure your hybrid event is unique and successful.

Check out our Medical Facility Hybrid Event Case Study to read about our client’s successful 3-part virtual hybrid event.

If you’re planning or considering a virtual and/or hybrid event our professional team is ready to help. Give us a call or request information online today!

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