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You are planning an event for your client, and you need an AV partner to help execute your vision, right? You’re in the right place!



We are so happy you are here! Finding the right AV partner is SO important to the success of the client’s event.

You know better than anyone that event planning is very stressful and there is no denying that. There are nine-million moving parts and so many things to follow-up on. Knowing this, we have a commitment to you to make your AV production as simple and stress-free as possible.


How We Can Help

Exceptional AV Production

We provide all the audio-visual production you need to execute your events. Everything from engineering your live event concept into a virtual event to professional quality audio and gorgeous video.

Outstanding People

We provide the team that will build your entire event and manage all the AV production (and even the décor) from start to finish. Sight & Sound Productions’ main objective is to give you a kick ass event while working with awesome people.

Creative Strategy

Your clients have high expectations for you to “wow” their guests, and you are always being pressured to “bring something new” to the table… we’ve got you! Our team has creative meetings to keep up with the latest trends to be able to present unique ideas to you.


  1. When you reach out, we will gather some basic contact info and event details.
    • Details such as the nature of the event, venue, event date, number of attendees, etc. You know the drill 🙂
    • If filling out a contact form, we will be back in-touch with you within 24hrs M-F.
  2. Once we get a general scope of your event vision, you will be matched with a project manager who will be with you FOREVER. Well, not truly forever, but through the entire event planning process from helping you design the event through event day.
    • Matching is based on project manager availability and event specialty.
    • Our goal is for you to have point person, so everything is easy for you for all your events.
  3. A project manager will reach out and dive into the planning process. They will get to know the event, how your client is defining success and what are the areas of high priority. A walk-through of the venue space will also be scheduled at this time if necessary.
    • The project manager’s goal is to be your strategic partner, so you don’t have to worry about the AV portion of the event… let’s be real, you have enough going on.
    • Good questions to have answers to: How many people will be speaking at a time, will there be videos played, number of breakout rooms, are there any special entrances or performances, room layouts, etc.
  4. Next, a quote will be created and reviewed with you (and your client if possible) in-person, via Zoom or over the phone to be sure we are all on the same page.
  5. Quote revisions to get it jussst right!
  6. Contracts are signed, deposits are sent.
  7. You host an incredible event, and your client loves you!

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You have event ideas, let’s make them happen!

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