Lighting Rentals

Event lighting comes in so many forms and when used strategically, can be one of the most visual impacts of your event.

Stage lighting, decorative lighting, accents lighting, movers… and that’s just the beginning!


Uses of Lighting

Stage Wash

  • Stage wash is used to illuminate the stage and take away any dark spots with the objective to keep the presenter on stage consistently lit at all times.
  • This is imperative when recording. The quality of your video will be compromised if the speaker is not properly lit.

Decorative Lighting

  • Gobos: stencils that project lighted patterns, words, or logos onto a surface. These are great for a cost-effective custom look and themed events.
  • Uplighting: A great cost-effective way to add a “wow” factor to an event space or stage. Can be used around walls, stage backdrops, entrances, etc.

Accent Lighting

  • Pin lights: spotlighting a single item or items such as tables, awards and auction items.


  • Movers are moving lights that are controlled by the lighting technician at the AV tech table. They are used to create excitement for speaker entrances and award presentations.