7 Hybrid Event Planning Tips


Making sure both your in-person audience and at home audience have a great experience at your event can be stressful. Here are 7 pro tips when planning a hybrid event:

1. Limit sessions to 20-30 minutes

This is especially important for the at home audience. Being presentations are crisp allows for your event to feel like it’s continually moving which helps dramatically with engagement

2. Add interactive elements

Interaction is key. It keeps people fresh and focused. Live contests, selfie challenges, trivia, live polls, and Q&A are great options.

3. Hire a professional emcee

Keeping your event flowing is so important for the experience of your audiences. There is a special art to being an emcee that when done right, can really change an event for the good.

4. Include networking opportunities

Networking is not only for the in-person audience. Making sure there is a way for your at home audience to network is important. There is technology to allow for interactions be seamless.

5. Request sponsor donations for giveaways/prizes

Sponsors are of course a great way to cover costs. Selling separate sponsorships for your virtual production and in-person production provides you more opportunity to capitalize.

6. Schedule must-see speakers strategically

Just like a headlining band, your speakers will be a big draw for your event. Whether it’s your CEO or someone you hire, creating excitement is good for your event. Also, scheduling when your headline speaker goes on stage should be strategic.

7. Include direct engagement with virtual audience

Custom engagement like time with the keynote speaker for the at home audience only, are also a way to provide value.

The event planning professionals at Sight & Sound Productions are dedicated to producing exceptional event experiences for our clients and attendees, and we look forward to the opportunity to create a lasting partnership beginning with your next event!