Hybrid Events


Hybrid events provide a unique opportunity to combine an exceptional in-person event with an audience anywhere in the world. Be sure both of your audiences are engaged and feel a part of the event.

Hybrid Events Done Together

Your hybrid event will have an in-person and a virtual audience, and the success of your event requires separate content, design, and production planning for each.  Whether your virtual audience will include dozens, or hundreds of thousands of attendees, our planning and production process will help increase engagement with specialized content dedicated exclusively to your virtual audience throughout the event.

Let’s Talk

Creative Planning

Every year you are asked to bring “new”, “creative”, “wow” ideas to the table. We are here to help with fresh ideas and help make you look like the rockstar you are.

Gear Guidance

You have a vision; we are here to engineer the correct AV gear to make it happen.

Room Layouts

Your venue is selected, but where should everything go for the best flow of people and be sure everyone can see? We’ve got you covered.

Stage Designs

LED walls, hard sets, props, drape… so many awesome options!

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Richard Naylor, Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

Sight & Sound Productions is a company that truly listens to your needs. They have hired knowledgeable, friendly and hardworking staff who never say “no, we can’t do that” but say, “let me see how we can do that.” For this and many other reasons, we highly support and encourage new clients to...

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