Virtual and Hybrid Event Case Study


Author: Becca Nunes
Marketing Coordinator

Virtual and Hybrid Event Case Study

How we turned 3 in-person events into a 1-day virtual event production

Our client needed help and guidance to manage three different events from one event space without breaking their budget or running over their timeline.

The event would begin with a fully virtual live-streamed leadership conference, then transition to a virtual Q&A where the guest speakers and moderator were in-person while the audience was at-home. Then ending the night with a true hybrid awards gala with attendees joining in-person and online.

These three events might have taken place in the same ballroom, but our team ensured that each event had a unique stage set and DJ booth, designed to engage the audience both in-person and at-home.

Beginning the day, the stage was set with a 3D textured white backdrop for a modern look. Ghost chairs and a custom glow podium were then set on the stage for the Q&A panel to accommodate the in-person speakers and moderator. The biggest transformation comes when the room is flipped for the evening awards gala. A tropical backdrop is piped and draped on the stage, tons of tropical furniture is arranged for the attendees, and a tropical cocktail hour is set up outside of the event space.

Virtual and Hybrid Event Production Experts in Jacksonville Florida - Sight and Sound Productions

Virtual Event Production Company in Jacksonville Florida - Sight and Sound Productions

Virtual and Hybrid Event Production Company in Jacksonville Florida - Sight and Sound Productions

Creating Value For In-Person and Virtual Attendees

The success of this hybrid event came from how valued the audience felt. A top priority of our client and our team was to ensure that all attendees, whether in-person or online, felt a part of the entire event.

A great example of the client creating value is when as in-person attendees were enjoying cocktail hour at the venue, the at-home audience were enjoying a box of goodies, themed to the event, that was sent to their homes earlier in the day. This creates value for the at-home attendees, gives them a reason to participate for the entire evening and to keep participating in future events.

Overall, this event is a great example of how virtual events are highly valuable now and will continue to be. Making sure your virtual event runs smoothly and effectively is our goal here at Sight & Sound Productions.

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