Brantley Cobb


Brantley Cobb is the production manager and Jedi master at Sight & Sound Productions and joined the team after receiving a bachelors in recording arts from Full Sail University.

As the production manager, Brantley ensures that the event’s audio production runs smoothly and on-time by coordinating schedules with our logistics manager, consulting sales and project managers and developing systems with our operations manager, to further optimize the department. Brantley enjoys working with high level corporate clients and bringing their events to life.

Brantley describes the coolest moment of his career as running a show for over 15,000 attendees!

In his free time, Brantley enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and baby girl by going to the beach or camping.

His happy hour drink order is a cold glass of root beer and his binge watch show of choice is either Star Wars Visions or Foundation.