AV Gear Guidance


Figuring out which audio, video, and lighting you need in the right specs with the correct cables and converters is a bit of a science. We absolutely LOVE this part of the job! Not an AV equipment guru? You don’t need to be when you partner with a professional audio-visual production company.

Let’s start planning


Sound is the core for everything at your event. Our audio engineers work with your project manager to craft the best audio plan for your event. From virtual events and small meetings of 50 people to 10,000 person crowds, Sight & Sound Productions guarantees your attendees hear everything loud and clear!


Our video engineers and technicians take care of all the projectors, screens, LED walls, switch between feeds during show and capture speakers on stage for IMAG at the event and for recordings. Video is powerful and the benefits go far beyond event day.


Lighting sets the tone for your event. Our lighting designers use all the latest technology from movers, up lights, and gobos to set the mood for your event. Lighting is key to making your event space, speakers and virtual audience have a great event experience.


The stage is the centerpiece of your event, let’s make it impactful. Elevate your content with unique stage sets, multi levels, stages in the round, or a runway.

LED Wall

A LED Wall commands the room. It’s impressive coloring, brightness and stature displays your content in a captivating way.

Picture credit: churchproduction.com